Bacteria-based cleaning of oil-filled electrical cables

Old oil-filled cables contain low-viscosity oil which can be pumped out under pressure. The problem is that some of this oil becomes bound to the paper insulation in the cables and is harmful to the environment. Our procedure is based on the biological degradation of this oil through repeated flushing with a mixture of bacteria:


After undergoing this procedure, cables are at least 95 percent oil-free. Most of the 5 percent residual oil amount is immobile and no longer presents an environmental risk. Consequently there is no need for continuous monitoring of the cables.

Why is TIBIO oil-filled cable cleaning the best solution?


You, as the operator, must ensure that no oil can leak out of your cables. This means that you must continuously monitor them and, if there is any pressure drop, start looking for the cause immediately. Leaving the oil inside the cables permanently is therefore not a solution.

Removing the cables using conventional technology however requires considerable effort. They are usually many kilometres long and installed under areas with busy roads and dense populations. Accessing the cables requires digging up to two metres into the ground along the entire route. This excavation work not only involves manpower and expensive specialist service providers but also applying for permits from the authorities, closing roads; organising detours and the probability that local residents will complain about the noise.

Using our process will save you all of this hassle. The only thing you need to do is install the system. After a few weeks the oil-filled cables will be clean and the authorities will issue a decommissioning confirmation.

One simple procedure – Many benefits


  • Minimally invasive, efficient cleaning.

  • No one has to put up with noise and dirt.

  • Flexible application for all voltage classes.

  • Legally compliant, permanent decommissioning of cables.

  • 100 percent biological and non-harmful to humans and the environment.

  • Turnkey installation of the compact mobile system.

  • Easy operation and maintenance by user’s own personnel.

  • Fast dismantling of the system after cables have been decommissioned.

  • Ideal as preliminary preparation for excavation work.